Top Recommended Food & Pasta in Menu – The Best-Selling Pasta in Aglio Olio & Aglio Olio Bistro
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Top Recommended Food & Pasta in Menu – The Best-Selling Pasta in Aglio Olio & Aglio Olio Bistro

Top Recommended Food & Pasta in Menu – The Best-Selling Pasta in Aglio Olio & Aglio Olio Bistro

If you are a visitor to Singapore, it is not hard to notice that even though they appear to be a tiny country, they have a voracious appetite. Singaporeans are known for their love for tasty dishes with a preference for western foods. An average Singaporean can eat up to 5 meals a day and enjoys eating in restaurants with a pleasant atmosphere and delicious dishes.

This love for good food among Singaporeans has given rise to the establishment of many restaurants that are not just concerned about serving dishes but are also committed to serving their customers unique and mouth-watering dishes with an experience that will not be easily forgotten. When it comes to pasta, you cannot help but mention Aglio Olio, the first ever Singaporean Aglio Olio restaurant. It is a wonderful place to enjoy pasta at its best with a serene and magical atmosphere. Majorly focused on serving their customers with a unique pasta experience, Aglio olio is known for their creativity in making pasta with local tweaks on each pasta meal and an option of 4 different levels of spiciness. 

Being in Singapore without having the Aglio Olio experience will count as one of the greatest disservices you have done to yourself. Further down, we will be discussing the top-recommended food and pasta available for you to explore on their menu as you prepare to make your visit.

Seafood Aglio Olio

This is far from the normal pasta you eat every other day. It is super special and is best eaten for special occasions. The seafood Aglio Olio is that type of pasta you serve someone, and their first reaction will be to pull out their phones to take pictures. It is a perfect way to impress your spouse on a first date!

Specially prepared by their chefs and always available on their menu, this delicacy is a mixture of spaghetti tossed in olive oil and garlic with a great choice of seafood which includes succulent prawns, mussels, fish, and clams. It is also combined with mushroom and garnished with chili padi and parsley to create an Aglio olio with a unique blend of East & west, giving you a mouth-watering delicious taste. Feel free to try it out and you will be sure to have an unforgettable experience!


Bacon Cream

If bacon appears on the list of your favourite foods, then here is an opportunity to try something new which you will definitely fall in love with. By combining the rich taste of bacon alongside mushrooms and chili padi with delicious pasta, they have succeeded in setting the stage for a whole new experience! 

This delicious meal features fusilli completely tossed in olive oil and garlic mixed with premium bacon, mushrooms, chili padi all garnished with parsley, and a savoury creamy sauce to go with. Get the best bacon and pasta experience by trying this out now!


Vegetable Cream Tomato

Sometimes, all you need to get over a long and hectic weekday is a splash of cream and tomato sauces with veggies in a deliciously prepared pasta. 

Their vegetable cream tomato dish is a special mouth-watering Singaporean style pasta prepared to calm your nerves and turn your attention off the hassles of a long day. It features carefully cooked spaghetti tossed in olive oil and garlic along with several vegetables which include, broccoli, capsicum, carrots, and mushrooms. To get your taste buds screaming with joy, this delicacy is also mixed with creamy tomato sauce and garnished with parsley. Vegetable cream tomato is something you will not want to miss on their menu.  Give it a try today and you will have us to thank for that!


Escargot Pesto

If you have yet to have a taste of their Escargot Pesto, words cannot describe what you are missing! With their Escargot Pesto meal, you get to experience the best pasta with Singaporean taste alongside fresh garden escargots. The meal features linguine pasta tossed in olive oil and garlic prepared with a blend of escargots, mushrooms, and chili padi.

To make sure you experience pasta with a difference on this meal, the pesto sauce is added to the meal and garnished with parsley, arriving at a great Italian food with local taste specially prepared for your delight.

Most people claim to make good pasta but when it comes to them, there is something you should know. Every meal at Aglio is prepared with a high level of creativity blending western foods with a Singaporean style to give you something extraordinarily different. They also try to customize every meal by letting out customers choose their own levels of spiciness. If you are looking for the best place to enjoy an Italian food with local taste, you have reached your destination!

Minimum order amount is $50.00