About Us
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About Us

Position among one of the

Best Restaurants in Singapore


~~Best Pasta and Aglio Olio in Town~~

Looking for the best place to have the perfect treat with your family amongst Italian restaurants in China Square and Science Park? Look no further…


Born and inspired by the need to serve our customers with something different, and fun, Agilo Olio restaurant serves one of the best foods in Singapore, making delicious Italian food with a Singaporean twist.


Established in two different locations with the first located at China Square Central, we are committed to making a difference by serving you with exciting delicious Italian dishes. In a bit to blend the East and the West with our Italian cuisines, rather than having you served with just the authentic Italian pasta, we also localize our pasta giving you a unique blend of East and West all in one tasty mouthful. We also offer pasta delivery using our Islandwide food delivery service.


Our Chef and team are committed to excellent customer experience providing your taste buds with fresh, delicious, and exciting taste on every meal. With our customizable pasta, you’ll get the chance to savor different sauces, spicy levels, and many more on every order. Hence, an exciting opportunity to challenge your palette and experience pasta with a difference.


Committed to providing you with a memorable culinary experience, our interior décor is done with a thoughtful color scheme where the wooden tables, wall paintings, and lighting exudes tranquility.  Using oil wick flames to illuminate our alfresco dining area casting flattering glows, the surrounding ambiance is filled with relaxations making it a perfect place to be after a long day.

Our Story


Garlic and olive oil have long been known for their health benefits and healing properties.

It is no wonder that the foundations of our restaurant rest on these two health-promoting spices.

‘Aglio’, in Italian, means garlic, and ‘olio’ means olive.






Being the first restaurant to localise pasta, the Italian fare served at

Aglio Olio comes with a Singapore twist – the use of chilli padi

as a substitute for the usual chilli flakes –culminating in the birth of a dish to call Singapore’s very own.

Try our pasta for a truly unique blend of east and west all in one mouthful. You get a choice of FOUR different levels of spiciness,depending on how strong a palate you have, and a choice of NINE different sauces. One bite and you will see that Aglio Olio is the epitome of Singapore’s culinary creativity.

9 different sauces

The décor of our restaurant’s interior shows off a thoughtfully chosen colour scheme, where the light wood tables and paintings evoke a sense of tranquillity. Oil wick flames that illuminate the alfresco dining area cast flattering glows on the surrounding ambience.

Minimum order amount is $50.00