Aglio Olio Menu
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Our Menu Concept

Step 1 – Pasta Types

Select your favorite one from our 3 main pasta:

1.) Spaghetti

2.) Linguine

3.) Fusilli

Step 2 – Choice of Sauce

There are 10 different sauces for your preference:

1.) Garlic & Olive Oil Base

2.) Cream Base

3.) Tomato Base

4.) Pesto Base

5.) Teriyaki Base

6.) Black Pepper Base

7.) Cream Tomato Base

8.) Squid Ink Base

9.) Vongole Soup Base

10.) Salted Egg Base

Step 3 – Level of Spiciness

Challenge yourself to 4 different level of spiciness:


level1     level2

level-3     level4

Time to change the narrative,

Enjoy the best spicy pasta in Singapore!

Dine In / Order Your Food Online with Islandwide Delivery

Wondering if you’ve had the best pasta, Italian cuisines, or the best of any other recommended food in Singapore? Wait till we serve you any of the dishes on our menu. 


Prepared with the finest ingredients, including the best Aglio olio, which stands for garlic and olive respectively in Italian, all our cuisines are carefully prepared with unique spicy levels and flavor. Our menu consists of three main pasta types which include;

  • Spaghetti
  • Linguine
  • Fusilli

When placing your order, you’ll have the option to customize your pasta by making your choice from our list of 10 different sauces which includes; Garlic & Olive Oil Base, Cream Base, Tomato Base, Pesto Base, Teriyaki Base, Black Pepper Base, Cream Tomato Base, Squid Ink Base, Vongole Soup Base, Salted Egg Base.


To challenge your palette and enjoy your pasta at your terms, we’re prepared to make your pasta using any of your choices from our 4 levels of spiciness which include;

  • Mild
  • Normal
  • Spicy
  • Extra Spicy

Other dishes and cuisines on our menu include; Pizza, western, garlic and herb rice, chicken wings, garlic bread, and drinks of all sorts including red wine, beer, and lemonade.

Feel free to explore and experience a whole new world of delicious and savory dishes by ordering any of our food signatures which include; Vegetable Pesto Pasta, Seafood Olio, and Bacon Cream Tomato Pasta!


Whether it’s a walk-in order, online order, and food delivery, all our dishes with different customizations and spicy levels are available to you.


At the Aglio Olio Restaurant, one experience will change your narrative!


Seafood Olio

Pesto Pasta

Cream Tomato Pasta



Set Special @ only


(with any Main Course)

1 x Soup of the Day

1 x Lemonade


Special for 2 @ only


2 x Pasta

1 x Basket of Chicken Wings

1 x Basket of Garlic Bread

2 x Soup of the Day

2 x Lemonade


Special for 2 @ only


2 x Pasta

1 x Basket of Chicken Wings

1 x Basket of Garlic Bread

2 x Soup of the Day

2 x Glasses of Red Wine / $6.90 Beer




Click the image on top or below button to download our menu.


Minimum order amount is $50.00