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Aglio Olio Bistro Café located at 8 Shenton Way #B1-14 AXA Tower has good pasta and finger food and most importantly is nice environment with friendly service staff and good service, they will not serve you cold food but they will serve you as fast as they could especially during peak periods, lunch & dinner time.

I am working in the same building “K”LINE PTE LTD, 39th floor and we will go there for good pasta and good services Agolio Olio will provide.

So do come down or call to make reservation at 62261622 as they open from lunch 11:30 am to 2:30pm and dinner from 4:30pm to 10:00 pm.


From satisfied customer

Mr Dickson Low

Thank you letter for excellent customer service

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding Customer Service provided by your Restaurant Manager, Mr Ken for at least almost 10 years.


I know Ken since the restaurant address at Murray terrace. His consistent high standard in delivering good quality Customer Service as well as his expectation of staffs’ performance in service & food quality remain unchanged. Till today, I am still dining in your restaurant and all of my friends were all impressed by his excellent attitude in work and his personality.


Ken as a restaurant Manager take care of customer needs in a jiffy no matters how busy his team are or himself.  Sometime, I do observed that there are difficult customers being unreasonable, his ability to provide the resolution quickly always exceeded customers’ expectations.


Once again, I really commend his excellent guidance to his team in the restaurant and his care for the company’s restaurant attitude. I would love to recommend your restaurant to anyone who needs a good place to dine in. Ken, keep up the good work.



Service with a smile !

Its always pleasant to see smile on the crew’s faces.Plus they have great tasting aglio olio that everybody will love.



Hot !!

Aglio at it’s best ! I tried the seafood aglio olio n despite the warning for my fren I went for the “spicy” lvl of hotness ! But since I’m a chilli lover I find the spiciness just to my liking. The seafood was very fresh n the pasta just blended so well with the garlic n olive oil. The service was good as well (the boss is the one serving you the food !!) I must say I can’t wait for my next visit n try the “extra spicy” lvl 🙂


V Scirocco

Italian at a very reasonable price

Have been a regular in this restaurant for many years and finally decided to comment on this restaurant.

The food is always good and consistent coupled with good service.

Try their pasta with 1-4 level of chili padi spicyness. It certainly adds a punch to your pasta and a memorable meal.



The best place to get pasta, Singaporean style

Call it fusion of taste, it tastes not bad at all. Pasta in aglio olio style with chilli padi. The chilli padi takes your chilli tolerance to a whole new level. You can order your choice of aglio olio in 4 different levels of spiciness: Mild, Normal, Spicy and Very spicy. (If you are the type that can only manage the typical Singaporean Laksa, please just go for the Normal) I would say that the food is very good for that kind of price range. $11.90 for seafood olio. There’s fish, sotong, prawn and mussels. Heaven! Ambience wise, the place is dim and laid-back, suitable for large groups and couples alike. Service is great. Staff are sincere and attentive. Well other than that, there serves pizza, cream based pasta and tomato based pasta. At 32.90 dinner special for two, you get A basket of garlic bread crisped to perfection 2 soup of the day A basket of fried wings, served piping hot 2 choice of main courses 2 lemonade NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT! (:


Bendingo boy

from Bendigo, Australia

Nice lunch!

Went in on a hot humid Saturday. Nice bright little restaurant, nicely cooled. Staff were very responsive. We had seafood pasta and tomato based pepperoni pasta. Both were very nice offerings, we opted for mild spice…a good choice. Food was plentiful. Drinks were iced lemon tea which was perfect for the meal. A good option. Visited July 2015


Andrea M

It’s in a great spot and very reasonably priced

Served it’s purpose as a lateish dinner spot. Decor is modern, cosy and meals are filling. Had the seafood tomato based spaghetti and for $15 was fantastic. Visited July 2015


Mark S

from Coffs Harbour, Australia

Italian Singapore Style

Aglioolio is found in an area that is full of very good to excellent restaurants and they certainly hold their own. The service is excellent with waiters looking after us and always aware of when we need them and when to be left alone. The Manager also took time to speak with us that allowed the opportunity to be honest with our experience, and it was all good.
Italian is my favourite food and this certainly is up there with the very good in quality and taste. It isn’t the best I have ever tasted but it was very enjoyable, plenty of it and the taste spot on. I myself had a seafood pasta with plenty of seafood to satisfy anyone’s desires and taste buds. The range of Italian Food available is varied and plentiful with three levels of spice. Mid spice was just a little too hot but did not take away from the enjoyment of the food. My partners meal was Mild Spice and that is very tame so there is certainly a level of hotness suitable for everyone.
Lastly the value for money is there. Singapore can be an expensive place to dine but this restaurant certainly doesn’t break the bank.




Very nice environment & great food

I have been to this place for a company function. The environment here is very nice but a bit small. Food choices are wide range. U get to enjoy western food like pasta. Spagatti. It is quite delicious n price is around 13plus. U can topup 2.50 for coffee n soup. Overall quite happy with the place n food.
Visited July 2015



4 spicy aglio olio lovers, but quite tricky to find

There’s nothing special here (LET ME FINISH), which in this case is a good thing. Sometimes people try to mess with a good, traditional recipe like aglio olio and I feel like tearing my hair out. Sometimes things are fine they way they are, you know?

I’m never disappointed when I visit this restaurant with my friends. The staff are friendly and patient, and the food is good. I like my pasta extra EXTRA spicy, and here is where I can get it extra spicy (or you can choose to make it NOT spicy, you fiend). It annoys me when a restaurant says something is spicy when it’s not even spicy (I know, it’s my problem, not theirs) but if you are a addict for chili-padi level spiciness then you won’t be disappointed here.

The only gripe I would have is with its location. I don’t drive so we usually walk, and it’s quite a distance from the MRT. But what is some exercise is the greater scheme of things? It can be quite daunting to make the walk if you are alone, so be sure to bring friends along to sacrifice to the alley hobos.


ANY aglio olio option by which I mean ANY aglio olio option with bacon
Creamy pasta is good but a little too creamy after half the plate (I end up finishing everything anyway because its delicious and fattening)
A basket of chicken wings!!!!!!!!!


Lin Jia Chun


Been patronizing Aglio Olio for the past few years.

Been patronizing Aglio Olio for the past few years. Went back to them not because of the price, but because of the quality of food and service. Set in a cosy corner of downtown Singapore making it accessible for me whenever I have the craving for my all time favourite Cream Based Chipolata Pasta, and the staffs know very well I have the preference for Penne. $20 is all that it required to eat my fill and earning rewards stamps which can be used to redeem freshly prepared basket of chicken wings. Definitely worth the trip to town for Aglio Olio.

Minimum order amount is $50.00